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Ten Easy Tips To Lose Fat

Written by Moez Aryan

Note: these are 10 quick tips for weight loss. They are by NO means for everyone everywhere. Do refer to your common sense after reading up.

1. Drop sugar altogether. White, brown, High Fructose Corn Syrup, soft drinks.....all types of sugar.

2. Have grains only two to three times a week in moderate quantities. (wheat products, rice, lentils, legumes, etc)

3. Take all hydrogenated oils off your diet. Only consume healthy oils like olive oil, macademia oil, almonds, walnuts, cashews, coconut and other seeds and nuts. And in VERY moderate amounts. To give you an idea, if using oil, not more than a table spoon per meal. If taking nuts, about 10 to 20 nuts for fats for a meal is fine PROVIDED you aren't using any other oil or fat in the meal.

4. Drop carbs from the last meal of the day. No bread, sugar, fruits, rice, potato, etc in the last meal.

5. Only consume LEAN proteins. Very lean beef cuts, chicken breast, fish, shrimps, cottage cheese, whey protein, egg whites. Only consume non-processed food. You want maximum nutrients and LEAST calories.

6. Have more veggies. Try to do more green leafy veggies. They have the least carb and the highest fiber.

7. Fruits are carbs. They raise blood sugars. Elevated blood sugars stop fat loss. Don't do fruits much for carbs. Stick to potato, oats, rice, yams, etc. One or max two serving of fruits per day for carbs.

8.  Have a portion of LEAN protein, some complex carbs and some healthy fats at EVERY meal. Ratio of protein-carbs-fats should be around 40p:30c:30f (very rough estimate - ratio of macronutrients depends on individual biochemistry, somatotype, activity level, gender, etc). Meaning 40% of the meal should be lean protein, 30% of the meal should be carbohydrates and 30% should be healthy fats like nuts, healthy oils etc in terms of the overall caloric intake per meal. To find out protein, carb and fat contents of different foods you can use Different foods have different protein, carb and fat content.

9. Try to have a proper meal every 3 to maximum 4 hours. Smaller portions throughout the day will have your blood sugars stay more regular and in the normal range and hence will result in a better body composition. However, weight-loss is more about the overall caloric intake over the long run so even the standard 3 meals per day done right will result in fat loss.

10. Do 30 minutes of cardio at least 4 times a week. A better idea is to weight train though, regardless of your gender, age and excuses. Weight training is better to be done after you have had a meal or two at least, since you want blood sugars higher for weight training.

P.S: A ton of these tips won't work if you just read them. The gap between the next few kilos you want to lose and where you are now is what you are NOT doing right now.


Moez Aryan,



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