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The Core Myth..........Busted!

Written by Moez Aryan
Do You Exercise Your Core?........The Core Myth Busted.

Every time someone says the word 'Core' they point at their tummies.

Core DOES NOT mean six packs.

To name a few, your core consists of diaphragm (helps breathing and is a parachute like muscle that also prevents your internal organs from falling down the chest cavity), pelvic floor (the name implies the location), rectus abdominis (your six pack), transverse abdominis (muscles next to your six packs that help you vacuum your abs), Obliques (external & internal), Erector spinae (covers the entire back), multifidi (deep back muscles), Gluteal muscles, hip flexors...etc

Everything minus your arms and legs is part of the core - inside out.

Now to put all that in one place and point at your tummy and call it "the core" is just plain stupid. It's like you telling me "I can fly a plane" when I know you haven't even sat in one before.

Imagine the core like a box. You have to train all four sides. Doing only crunches (training your rectus abdominis) will only result in an imbalance in your musclo-skeletal system and will cause you back pain in the long run - anterior superficial muscles (like rectus abdominus) as well as deep anterior muscles (like hip flexors) will tighten up initially and shorten eventually. Coupled with loose and weak back muscles (cause you never train your back) and you are a wreck.

tight and short anterior muscles + long and loose posterior muscles = wreck

Sadly, your physical therapist has cheated all the way until graduation and then when s/he gets a job goes back to text books to look for treatments for his/her clients and then tells you: "your core is weak that's why you have back pain"....."vacuum when lifting"....."Don't lift heavy"....."Don't bend at the hip"......bla bla know what? Tell that to a weight lifter who throws 3 times his body weight up over his head and has never done one crunch in his entire life and he will laugh at you. You will probably be the new joke in their gym for the next 4 Olympic games.

The butt is a more badass core than the six packs.

Moving on......the pain doesn't persist in the back for too long cause of course you don't have a broken back and the problem is not discogenic. So it gets better after a while until you screw it up again. Back to the therapist who would make your back even weaker, trains the core in his/her definition even more and then has you walk like a stick - selling people suffering from 'centipede syndrome' is pretty easy, moreover, they keep coming back and ask "how was I walking again?".

Most popular systems put emphasis on one or two sides of this box while almost entirely neglecting the others with Yoga and Pilates always hiding behind the word 'core' when trying to sell. The anterior muscles are already horrendously tight from sitting and then they have you crunched for 5 minutes in a go before they make you do a plank for 15 sets of 10 minutes.

Boredom makes you creative and at times stupid - like the people who call me for Yoga for fat-loss.

If people trained their rear ends a quarter of training crunches back pain would probably fall to 20% (current statistics say 80% of the population has low back pain at one or more points in their lives). Back pain is a common problem these days. Mostly because people have become very inactive. But there are some scientists who theorize that the prevalence of low back issues is because humans haven’t evolved completely – coming from all fours, onto two legs with some assistance with long hands, and finally on just two legs with no assistance. Whether that's true or not crunching the hell out of your rectus abdominis (six pack muscles) will neither make your abs visible nor help with your back pain. It will only serve one thing; it will help you form and connect more neurons in the stupidity compartment network of your brain.

Right after you listened to the snake and ate the apple!
Well, not right after, few hundred thousand years later but you ate the apple anyway.
You can't crunch your way back.

This is just an outline of the topic. Every case is different but you should be able to draw a conclusion by now as to what is over-emphasized and what's under-trained. I will write about back pain, it's causes and how to prevent it or treat it in a separate post in detail.

Next time you want to buy something or want to ask advice from someone put on your BS-detectors.

And if you are trying to lose belly fat, remember, exercising your six packs doesn't give you six packs. You already have a six pack. It's just covered with a lot of lays, cheese, vegetable oil, sugar, redbull and McShit.

Doing too many crunches also puts a lot of sheer force on the lower back discs and will cause lumbar spine degeneration in the long run. In fact, 25000 crunches will only burn 1 pound of fat. That's just too little fat to lose for so much money you would have to pay for medication, therapists, x-rays, unpaid leaves, etc.

She sits as much as you do, lifts more than her body weight off the ground,
has no back pain and has better defined abs than you have.
You know what's her secret? She didn't try to re-invent the wheel.

Moreover, the primary role of your abdominal muscles is 'anti-extension' (like when someone pushes you and your abdominals prevent the spine from extending further than normal or when you are doing push ups your abs prevent you from breaking in half). Where on earth did crunching become the primary role of abdominals? Don't get me wrong. Some crunching movements are fine but you don't have to over-do it.

Primary role of abs is anti-extension.

Catch up on training the other sides of your core. We live in a forward world. Train thy rear.

One arm can feed a family. One brain can feed a nation. Use yours.

Make your six packs in the kitchen. Get strong in the gym.

Have a great day folks,



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