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Does tonalin CLA help in weight loss? Is it a good supplement

Written by Moez Aryan

Does tonalin CLA help in weight loss? Is it a good supplement to take when excercising & on a strict diet?

You are focusing on the 1%. Focus on the 99% and that would be a good diet. I know of no nutritionist that I have studied or worked with who would use that on the general public. There are certain 'drugs' or supplements advanced and competitive individuals use but even then none that I know of have used CLA. Even if they did they have already nailed in their training and diets a hundred percent. If you aren't doing the diet and training properly there is absolutely no point in using ANY supplement. To get an idea what we base our diets on please give this a read:

I know the diet pattern Moez, I was doing one but I was unable to do it. It was very difficult for me to eat every two hours.

Why was it difficult to eat every 2 hours? You should have eaten every 3 or 4 hours then. Meal frequency is not the biggest issue. You could have had even 3 meals a day. It's about making a commitment to do something.

And you don't know the diet pattern. Cause there is no single pattern. Clients who have stayed on our diets for quite some time, which are many and you probably know some, have gotten great results, are on it even now, and haven't been on the same plan they started with. You can't lose the first 5kgs the same way you are going to lose the last 5kgs.

Totally agree with you Moez.

We just need to accept some stuff in life if we want something badly. I am currently taking  8 to 9 meals per day. They are HUGE meals. There is no ice cream in my diet, there is no sugar, I haven't had a cookie for a year now, I haven't had fast food for 3 years now and I don't eat fancy stuff. It's dry oats, beef, chicken etc. Do I enjoy having it all the time? No. But I have set a goal to put on a pound of lean muscle tissue every two months while keeping my body fat under 15% and I have to eat like that if I want to get there. I miss a few meals per week and the scale doesn't move up. I train 5 days per week with no music, no ACs, no trainer, nothing. Is it a pleasure? Maybe not but yes when I get where I want. We need to give up some stuff we want now for the stuff we want later.

Am motivated, much needed pep talk :-)

Moez Aryan
Physique Coach & Nutritionist


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