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Fasting for weight loss

Written by Moez Aryan

I was going through your page and saw that you've mentioned fasting for weight loss a few times. Can you explain to me what exactly do you mean by that? Can I have one meal a day? What should that one meal consist of? and how much will I be able to lose If I follow the one meal a day strategy. I have some extra pounds that I want to get rid of and InshAllah when in the Summer I'm in Islamabad I want to train with you guys :)

It does work for weight loss. It's not a continuous day in day out fasting though. This is intermittent fasting. Like fasting one day out of the week. This way your metabolism doesn't drop but you can still create a caloric deficit by fasting for a day. That typically will reduce calories by 1500 to 3000 per week.

However, prolonged fasting will make your metabolism drop in the long run which makes fat-loss even harder. Fasting day in day out for months will also sabotage your fat-burning hormones. It is not possible to lose the 'last few pounds' through that kind of dieting. If you go on having only one meal per day (even if the meal is great) for extended periods of time you will lose a lot of fat but you will be weakening your immune system, cognitive ability, metabolism, muscles, hormones and a bunch of other stuff. Don't do this more than once or max twice a week. Never.

This will get you there faster:

Moez Aryan
Physique Coach & Nutritionist


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