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Is there any way I can lose weight but STILL maintain the same size for my assets?

Written by Moez Aryan

“One concern that I have is a bit embarrassing. It is embarrassing to say this but I have to. I want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose weight from my breasts and butt. Is there any way I can lose weight but STILL maintain the same size for my assets? Or are there any exercises for maintaining bigger rounder booty and chest size or even getting larger assets?”

You CANNOT spot reduce fat by exercising that body part. You can build more muslce if you spot exercise, but you can't lose fat if you spot exercise. Fat accumulates on certain sites due to an excess calorie intake, certain foods that you take that release or suppress certain hormones (for example too much high glycemic carbohydrates will release too much insulin and therefore give you love-handles, or too much testosterone suppressing foods like soy will suppress testosterone production and increase estrogen and give you lose and hanging triceps or moobs - male breasts), your life-style (again this brings us back to hormones), and genetics (what somatotype your parents are - ectomorphs, endomorphs or mesomorphs).

However, it is still possible to maintain a big C shape rounder and firmer booty through a few exercises. My favorite ones are the Deadlift, Squats, Lunge variations, Hip Raise/Hip Thrust, Glute-Ham raises, Hyperextensions and Good morning. Please note that you should first learn how to do these exercises properly. As much as they are good they can cause harm to the body if proper technique, from, and progression doesn’t follow.

If you are genetically gifted you would maintain larger breasts even when you reduce body fat percentage. If not they will not shrink to a disproportionate size and you shouldn’t worry about it much but they would probably decrease in size a bit.

With proper exercise and progressions you can cut down fat, and at the same time build your curves (wider shoulders, erect posture, C shape butt, tiny and toned waist, firm Quadricps and Hamstrings.) I will address these exercises in a future post and a video entry. We have most of the exercises I listed on our Youtube page

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