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My only issue is the waist, I need to reduce 3 inches...

Written by Moez Aryan

Hi Moez, I really wish you were in Karachi :( ...... finally started going to a gym in the morning before work, my only issue is the waist. I need to reduce 3 inches to be back in shape and excessive crunches gives me ache in the tail bone. What should I have to do to achieve my target?

Weight-loss is more about food than anything else. I try to educate my clients that they come to the gym to get strong and feel healthy and energetic not because they want to lose fat. Yes, you do lose fat initially when you start some sort of activity but the results are never long-lived. Sooner or later you hit the plateau. I have my fat-loss clients' diet fixed from day one.

You should avoid crunches if you feel your back or you could start degenerating your lumbar spine disks. Do planks instead to get your abdominals strong and stable.

Read the following:

We should get your diet fixed. Then, you wouldn't have to go to the gym to lose fat. You will want to go just because you will feel awesome.

Moez Aryan
Physique Coach & Nutritionist


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