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Whats more important...loosing weight or inches?

Written by Moez Aryan

Whats more important...loosing weight or inches? plz guide as I m losing inches more than's been more than 2 months now, with regular workout and controlled and healthy diet and I just lost 5kg in total but lost more than 2 to 3 inches all over the body....plz help me. Thanks

Both are important but to what degree depends on current body weight. The leaner you get the more unimportant both of them become. We only track our clients weight and pictures.

Of course the bigger the waist circumference the more inches lost and the more weight loss. But both the inches and weight will not move down linearly...there will come a point where how you look naked is more important that your weight or waist circumference.

Give this article a read and see if you are doing things right although your progress is okay if you were too over-weight. If you weren't that over-weight then that progress is real good.

Moez Aryan
Physique Coach & Nutritionist


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