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Why has my skin turned yellow?

Written by Moez Aryan
Hi Moez ... Hope u r doing good . One thing is bothering me .. After getting in shape etc .. My belly skin is now an orange peel .. I know it's due to poor nutrition but can u guide me how to fix it without gaining the wight back

First, ending up with smaller belly but yellow skin is not getting in shape. Second, why do you have to worry about gaining the weight back if you are on a sustainable plan? Do what keeps you healthy and lean for the rest of your life and you wouldn't need to worry about gaining the weight back. Find the balance where you enjoy food and let it nourish you rather than letting it be a source of illness. The balance where you don't have to worry about putting the weight back on. Making you understand all that in just a comment is hard. It's something you have to DO for some time to internalize.

Keep vitamin and mineral levels on the higher side. In an ideal world with a good holistic diet you probably wouldn't need to take supplements, but most people's food choices are poor and are void of nutrients and minerals. So supplement. Take a multi-vitamin, take a multi-mineral, take more nutritious food and less calorie-dense junk and you don't ever need to worry about getting fat let alone be obese.

Do a lot of green leafy veggies and other veggies, herbs, fresh fruits especially the low calorie ones. Make it colorful. It's better to indulge in having too much capsicum than too much coke or fast food. I crave those natural foods. You have to keep your diet nutrient dense.

Yellow skin can be a symptom of serious illnesses like Anemia, Jaundice, and Hepatitis etc. But any illness and I mean any illness will eventually boil down to a nutrient deficiency. All illnesses. So if it's very noticeable do show it to an expert but keep in mind you cannot treat a nutrient deficiency with a drug. Medications ONLY make the symptoms disappear. They do nothing to extend your life. In fact, they shorten it because now you have to recover once from the illness and once from the drug.

I have tried to explain how to eat for fat-loss here in this article. Read it if you haven't read it yet.

You can work with me to learn how to take control of your diet and health with the nutrition coaching. That will enable you to understand how to keep the weight in control and yet feed yourself enough.


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