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Yoga For Weight-Loss?

Written by Moez Aryan
I get a call...
Girl: "Do you have Yoga?"
Me: "No. We had it 2 years ago. Not anymore....
Girl: "Really?"
Me: "yeah, but why Yoga anyway?"
Girl in a low shy voice: "motti bohot hu" ---- "I am too fat."
I crack.

Third person: "Jennifer aniston hot body is always credited to yoga and Pilates. Power yoga and hot yoga like bikram yoga has the ability to burn 1000 calories for 60 min. Don't hate on yoga lol sometimes that's all a 43 kilogram girl can do! "

Response to the third person:
Jennifer Aniston was BORN hot. She just started eating cheeseburgers too much and for as long as she ATE crap she looked crap. Anyone starts looking differently, I am more interested to see their dietary changes not change in their physical activity (as far as fat-loss is concerned).

I don't see any weight loss benefit in Yoga, nor any in Pilates. The latter is just an absolute waste of time, an incomplete exercise system no person with half a brain should even try. Joseph Pilates came up with that crap to make German soldiers exercise on the bed. It worked for the paralysed but it's an injustice to a person who can do every other movement except crunching for two hours on a special bed. But well, it looks cool and shit really sells.

Yoga gurus have the HIGHEST rate of knee replacements done in the world. That's just for knees, let alone the other injuries that happen in Yoga. You are 5 years old and start doing Yoga? Fine. Depressed, stiff, fat, with blocked arteries and aged 64? then expect some shit to happen when doing Yoga.

Those stats you have come up with aren't correct. How many calories you burn depends on your body weight, how long you have been doing that particular activity, your blood sugars, intensity of training and a bunch of other stuff. 1000 calories is what a 130 pounder male would burn in ONE HOUR of continuous running at 10mph (a close estimate only).

It's irrelevant to count calories anyway, why?
and Here:

As far as mental health is concerned Yoga is again too overrated. "ANY" sport in its purest form and at its best is PURE meditation. Any sport. I personally find athletes A LOT more spiritual, healthier, more open-minded and more meditative...

Yoga has become life Golf. The elite are lazy to move their ass, so instead of working out they prefer Yoga. After all it doesn't make them look ridiculous, looks HOT and sexy and is friendly with their ego. It's also done in a quite space and you are only allowed to speak in a soft voice....other stuff are too loud for depressed people. It's also marketable to a vast demographic, doesn't require any special equipment and can sell on DVDs and shit.

This girl weighed 112kgs. First thing she has to do is to switch from regular coke to diet coke. Then ask for normal Mc instead of BigMc. Next is giving up Prozac.

You like doing Yoga just because you like doing it that's completely fine and HOT. But you want to lose fat doing Yoga? That's just very retarded. Sustainable weight loss is 85-95% nutrition.

This reminds me of the research that found out that people who drink green tea are less likely to have heart conditions. Well, no shit! People who drink green tea don't overdo drugs, booze, and junk food. Now you get green tea and push this moronic research and sell green tea and fill up content on your website just cause you have to write 3000 words a day to get paid?

Most people who do Yoga CAN do Yoga cause they are fit. Just like tall people become good at basketball and short people become good at weightlifting and you see them on TV. Making a 112kg twenty two year old girl do Ashtanga Yoga is close to a criminal act.

I don't hate Yoga. I hate ignorance.
No. Wait.....I think I actually do hate Yoga :)


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