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Ali Medical Centre Executive: The Greatest Tragedy... To Look Fit But To Have Clogged Arteries

Ali Medical Centre Executive: The Greatest Tragedy... To Look Fit But To Have Clogged Arteries

Ali Medical Centre Executive: The Greatest Tragedy... To Look Fit But To Have Clogged Arteries.

Ali Medical Centre ExecutiveDear Mr.Ali Raza Alvie, why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about your background and what you do?

Well... ironic as it may sound, I’m in the health care business despite my educational background in civil engineering. My father is a humble yet shrewd entrepreneur who created a successful civil construction business namely HAKAS from very humble beginnings.

I suppose fascination and respect for my father’s accomplishments and work ethic steered me into pursuing his line of work. However, once I got back from the US after completing my studies, I was handed charge of Ali Medical Centre.

I have to admit it wasn’t my 1st choice but as I rather reluctantly delved into the field of medicine and healthcare I realized the gaps I could fill and found serving our patients inexplicably rewarding … and so now by virtue of my vocation, I am a health care provider and that in a nutshell is my background.

You run one of the most well-known private hospitals in Islamabad. What do you have to say to our readers what not to do in order not to need to visit hospitals too much?

For starters, be conscious … respect your body and mind, keep both well nourished and one excellent way to do that is to exercise regularly. Stay away from abusive substances such as drugs, alcohol and before all else turn to Allah Subhana wa ta’ala and keep your soul healthy. Avoid excess of anything in general!

You are definitely walking the walk! You have been working out at Omnifarious for almost the past 8 months. What are your thoughts on exercise in general and training with weights particularly?

I find Omnifarious has helped me tremendously in keeping fit. I find the advice that its trainers have extended to me helpful and results oriented. It takes personal dedication to achieve the results but it always helps to get expert guidance which Omnifariuous offers in good dozes.

Thanks for the kind words. Why do you personally exercise? What made you start working out in the first place and what keeps you going?

Life’s getting stressful by the day and more than my need to stay physically fit I feel exercise is a great way to release stress. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoy the process itself and it gives great self confidence and is an enormous high when you start seeing the results. Once you start seeing the results, a die hard fitness enthusiast will normally continue the good deed.

Results definitely motivate you more than anything else but you have to take the first step and starting doing something about it. What aspect of your workouts do you like most and look forward to?

I enjoy working my chest the most as I feel that is my strong area. I also enjoy sweating out doing total body circuits because it quite noticeably has increased both my overall strength and stamina.

You and I were talking about fatness and fitness the other day. People normally think they should exercise to lose weight and if they are not fat they shouldn’t bother too much. The country is in a big dilemma. Can you help us clear the issue?

Yes … being that I am in the healthcare business I come across innumerable cases of visibly lean and fit people who have a myriad of physical and mental dis functionalities owing to poor health. More than often the cause is self abuse and lack of exercise. I feel that is the greatest tragedy … to look fit but to have clogged arteries owing to smoking or to have an ailing liver owing to alcohol abuse etc.

Do you think woman should weight train?


That explains why your wife and kid joined us too How has exercise affected you, your life and your work?

I feel I’m more energized, self confident, strong and my overall productivity has shot up. I also enjoy the occasional compliment

What are the other things you do besides working out to keep fit? Can you also tell our readers about your eating habits?

I take respite in offering my prayers and studying the Holy Quran which are tremendous fitness levers because these habits reinforce my resolve. I try and eat a balanced diet and enjoy the occasional indulgence. I’m only human but conscientious!

What do you think is the most important culprit of the obesity epidemic?

There are two and I would be doing injustice if I single out one … poor diet and lack of exercise.

If there is any food you crave for? What is it?

Yes…..Occasionally I crave sugar.

What is your 1 rep max bench press?

110 kg.

What is your arm size?


What’s your favorite exercise? And which one you don’t like?

BENCH PRESS and I also enjoy doing Squats. I am not really fond of doing Deadlifts.

What do you think about Omnifarious?

I’ve been coming to Omnifarious for about 8 months now. In that time I have lost about 4 kgs and my body composition has changed a lot. I feel fitter, healthier and my muscles are stronger and more defined, even people around me have noticed the change in my appearance. The exercises and routines followed at Omnifarious are focused on being more functional at an age when people are usually bed ridden.

All the staffs has been really helpful and always treat me as an individual. It’s wonderful to walk in and see their friendly smiling faces all day, everyday.

Thank you for your time Mr.Ali Raza and we really enjoy working with you.

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