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Build Perfect body with clean mind

Build Perfect body with clean mind!

If you're struggling to get up and get going, if you've not yet begun on your Fitness and Nutritions plans, or if you've not quite worked up the motivation to work out, Then you are at the right place...

Moez Aryan is an International Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy Of Sports Medicine, USA, a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from the International Sports Sciences Asssociation, USA, Certified Nutritionist from world's leading nutritionist Dr.John Berardi and a Certified Functional Movement Specialist from world's top Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Specialist and Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gray Cook.

Moez Aryan - Top Health Coach and Fitness Trainer in Islamabad

Moez Aryan | Best Personal Trainer & Fitness Coach Expert in Islamabad, Pakistan

Moez Aryan — Islamabad's Best Nutrition Health Coach / Wellness Coach

Pakistan's Best personal trainer Moez Aryan in Islamabad

Health and Fitness, Dieting and Nutrition Coach in Islamabad

Moez Aryan - International Certified Personal Trainer in Islamabad, Pakistan

Certified Nutritionist in Islamabad, Pakistan

Best Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant, Weight Loss Specialist in Islamabad

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  • Shahbaz Abbas
  • Carrie Antal
  • Helle Veiersted
  • Dr. Nabeela Ali
  • Shahbaz Abbas

    It is said that "where there is a Will there is a way" and when you add a catalyst named Moez, the distance between your Will and your way reduced to minimum. I have an interaction of only three months with this Gentleman but in three months he pushed me to my limits and made me my dreams come true. I am not exaggerating, the way he puts in his own efforts to meet your goals, the way he boosts up your morale and the the way he conduct you is beyond examples. Moez i am truly thankful to you for making me through this...
  • Carrie Antal

    I was lucky to have the opportunity to train three times a week with Moez from September '15 to May '16. We worked out a nutrition plan and exercise plan with the goal of seeing whether it was possible to manage my weight despite a recent diagnosis of hypothyroidism, which messes with metabolism and so often leads to major weight gain and an inability to lose it...
  • Helle Veiersted

    Thanks for your great workouts, I have really enjoyed training at Omnifarious. As a woman, I have always felt very comfortable in the environment at Omnifarious, and all the trainers take their job seriously and create a great atmosphere...
  • Dr. Nabeela Ali

    Discover your new self more energetic and full of life. make an effort to come to Omnifarious they will do the rest. I feel on top of the moon with just two months workout. Do not plan just act...


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